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Gnomes will protect your treasures and bring you good luck. 

This set of handmade, hand painted wooden shelf sitters is perfect for adding a unique touch to any home decor. Featuring beautiful and original designs of these shelf sitters will make a great gift or party favor. Each piece is carefully crafted and painted, making them a special addition to any room. Choose from pink, purple, blue or green, or if you can't decide purchase the set. 


They make a great birthday gift, anniversary gift, Mothers gift, housewarming gift remembrance gift, retirement gift, party favor, wedding gift bridal shower gift or party favor, inspirational gift, or as a thoughtful gift for a friend.

Wood shelf sitters are crafted and painted by hand. The front is hand painted with a base of white paint. The design is added by hand and then lightly sanded to give an aged rustic look. Please note that each block is crafted individually, they are not created with a machine, so therefore piece will not be exactly the same and may vary slightly from the photo shown. Each piece is unique in its own way, no two are exactly alike.


Contact Tammy if you are interested in placing a bulk order for your next event, these gnomes are best sellers as party favors. 


Material: rustic pine wood

Size: 3 ½ x 3 ½ x 1 ½

Gnome Shelf Sitters

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