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Tammy J. Clark

Artist  |  Designer  |  Creator

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My Story

I have been painting, designing and creating for over 27 years. Many friends and family began requesting me to paint for them, from small accent pieces to furniture to full wall murals. What started out as a hobby in the 1990’s soon turned into a viable business.

My artistic work was becoming so popular that I decided to branch out my business. I began selling my painted home decor and gift items wholesale to retail gift stores all over the United States and in Europe. Soon my business grew too big for my basement studio located in my home. So my husband built a beautiful new art studio surrounded by windows, bringing the beauty of nature inside for me to enjoy. Nature is where I gain most of my inspiration, you will find it reflected in much of my work. Now I am proud to introduce my brand new website showcasing many new products and making it even easier to purchase them.

I hope you enjoy my art as much as I enjoy making it.

Enjoy Shopping!

Contact Me

I love hearing from my customers! Feel free to contact me with any questions or let me know how my inspirational work has touched you. I am creating and designing everyday, so be sure to bookmark our website so you can see exciting new products.

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